Brian Rea

Brian Rea is a prolific and talented illustrator - you might recognize his work from the New York Times' Modern Love column. He needed a new portfolio site, and he came to me with this goal in mind: all of his projects featured on one page, with the ability to navigate horizontally through individual projects.

The site is fully responsive and runs on a custom slideshow/swiping framework that I wrote. The CMS is built with Rails and makes it super easy for Brian or his assistants to update the content.

The most interesting challenge while building this was calculating all the math for where images would "land" once the user swiped next/prev. Since we kept the width of each image flexible, we had to come up with ways of finding the center of each image and aligning it with the center of the browser -- and then changing those calculations if the browser was resized, or the device changed orientation.

All animations use CSS transforms for maximum performance.

See it yourself

Brian rea site in imac