Cabins, Cabins, Cabins

February 18, 2016

CabinPorn – don't let the name scare you, it's nothing bad – the juggernaut of cabin-related media, ran a picture of the cabin that my dad and I built a few years ago. Looks like you made it, cabin.

If you haven't heard of C.P., check out their massive coffee table book of cabins as well as their instagram account. They're no slouches in the carpentry department either, here's a NY Times profile on their compound of cabins in upstate New York.

Here's the photo they ran (first image below) as well as some other good cabin photos from the past few years.

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Brian Rea

February 12, 2016

I'm really excited and honored to have just launched a redesigned portfolio for Brian Rea. Brian is a super-talented illustrator, you can see his work every week in the New York Time's Modern Love column.

The site design was Brian's idea, and it's pretty slick: each project extends horizontally, and you can swipe/scroll to see more. It feels really natural and intuitive - the layout especially shines on an iPad, where it feels like a collection of mini-zines all on one page.

On the back end, I built a custom CMS with Ruby on Rails that's crazy easy to update. There's some nice image optimization using Paperclip and user-agent/mobile detection, and I used Vimeo's new API for embedding Brian's vids without the need for self-hosting.

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Mandate Letterpress

January 23, 2016

I love the look of letterpress. I always bring it up with clients when business cards, envelopes and the like are being designed, but the process is oftentimes too inconvenient and expensive.

I'm happy report, however, that Mandate Letterpress seems to have solved those problems. By placing some limitations on the process (single color, one side) they've managed to get the price down, and with super fast turnaround.

Below are some cards I just had printed for myself. Go check them out at

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Recent Work

September 15, 2015

Well, it turns out that freelancing, having a one-year-old son, moving, and renovating a house take up quite a bit of time. As a result, I haven't posted here nearly as much as I'd hoped when I redesigned my site last year.

That said, here are a couple recent projects that I was happy to be a part of:

Aclima builds air-quality sensors and recently launched their public-facing site. Original design and CMS was by Outpost and Jon-Kyle; I took the static Kirby-based site and mashed it together with Wordpress for added blog functionality, and prepped the site for launch.

Heyday is an architecture firm in LA. I built them a custom CMS with Rails that makes it easy for them to update their site, 'cause they're busy folks.

Local Construct is another architect/developer. And I also built them a CMS with Rails, that's tailored specifically to their needs.

I also spent some time earlier this year working on TED Ed, which was a great experience. Helped launch updates to their lesson editor and clean out a bunch of crufty CSS.

I got to collaborate with illustrator Nikko de Leon on this parallax scrolly site about asthma, which was a project for Earthjustice.

That's it for now... Excited about upcoming things, including learning Swift and React.js, and possibly reopening my personal culture-curation project, BoredOwl. More to come soon!

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Steven Krebs Is Good At Stuff

November 16, 2014

Steven Krebs is a friend of mine. He's a talented artist. He drew the above picture, which is a depiction of me slouch-arming it at C Street.

He also happens to be a professional photographer. Check out his portfolio here.

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